SMS, or Short Message Service, enables short text messages to be transmitted between mobile phones or from fixed lines to mobiles and back again.

While most frequently used in person to person communications, SMS has been adopted by enterprises of all sizes to send information or promotional messages, as part of a wider customer service or marketing strategy.

As a business user, you are looking to send and receive SMS messages using your computer, application or website. SMS Communications’ SMS Gateway gives you access to mobile users in over 700 countries, without all the hassle of contracting with every operator that your mobile users are subscribed to.

Instead, we provide a single interface, a single price list, and a single point of contact to make your experience as simple and easy as possible.

You Are Well Connected

As a Mobile Messaging Operator, SMS Communications transmits your SMS using the same native SS7 protocol as used between other GSM operators. This means we use the shortest possible path to deliver your messages, with the full complement of GSM features like delivery reports and dynamic sender ID. We also offer multiple back-up routes as standard to give you maximum reliability.

As you will see, we are lightning fast. 90% of our messages are delivered within 30 seconds. With huge capacity, able to deliver over 900 messages a second worldwide.

Backed by an outstanding customer service, at all stages; whether you need our Set-up Assistant, Technical Support, Customer Care, or SMS Expert – help is there every step of the way.

SMSC helps to develop and produce mobile messaging services which provide tangible benefits to the end users in their everyday life.

No longer is the mobile phone simply a communications device; it is a powerful, interactive, revenue-generating — and cost–saving — medium. Whether your business needs are marketing-related, entertainment-focused or information-driven, mobile messaging and SMS specifically have proven themselves to be highly targeted, versatile and efficient tools to reach mobile subscribers.

SMS Communications is headed by Stephen Spence (Founder & CEO), who continues to focus his resources on the commercial and technical complexities of mobile messaging.