This service provides banks or financial institutions with an effective weapon against credit-card and online-transaction fraud. In many cases involving identity theft via credit/debit cards, several months elapse before the victim becomes aware of any wrongdoing. Enabling the cardholder to monitor its account through real-time transaction alerts can greatly decrease the time to identify e-fraud.

When people are hard pressed for time, the need for "anytime anywhere" banking gains utmost importance. Bearing this in mind, banks should consider providing a novel service which gives retail customers account information and real-time transaction capabilities from their phones.

For a successful consumer adoption, SMS transaction alerts need to be trustworthy, reliable and traceable. SMSC's SMS transaction service fulfill these requirements with strict service levels on SMS delivery, privacy of information and an end-to-end control over sent messages.


  • Send account balance details automatically
  • Deliver real-time exchange rates, stock prices and other relevant alerts
  • Alerts on over drafts
  • Transfer notification
  • Bank service alerts
  • Automatically send out SMS messages from core banking ATM, Credit Card and other payment systems without relying on human effort or accuracy